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Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Agency Office

Frenches House, P.O. Box 839, Kingstown, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

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Monday - Friday
8AM - 4PM

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Eleanor Astaphan
Project Manager, SIPMP

Tel: +1 (784) 456-1413 Ext. 3789
Fax: +1 (784) 456-1703

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Laurel Bain
Senior Director, Strategic Planning and Special Projects Department

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
P.O. Box 89, Bird Rock, Saint Kitts and Nevis

Tel: +1 (869) 467-3904
Fax: +1 (869) 465-9590

Whitfield Harris Jr.

Tel: +1 (784) 456-1413
Fax: +1 (784) 456-1703